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Corporate Videos

Tell your company’s story with stunning visuals. Go deep into what your company does but most importantly why you do what you do.

Social Media Video Strategy & Content

Stunning social media video content produced quickly and effectively, all with precise strategy to ensure the best results and maximum engagement.

Television & Cinema Commercials

Need more than website and social media exposure? We create eye catching commercials to help boost your brand awareness and exposure on the small and big screen.

Corporate Event Video Production

Professional Video coverage of your next corporate event so you can show it off to the world and help promote your business or future events.

Training & Education Videos

Save time and money by harnessing the power of video to train more staff, students or customers, quicker and easier than ever before.

Explainer Videos

Show your audience how your product works or how your services help others with a clear, concise explainer video.

Customer Testimonial & Review Videos

Gain more trust with your potential customers by showing the story of your current customers experience working with you or your product with our captivating and effective testimonial videos.

Lead Generation & Sales Videos

Films based around lead generation and conversion of sales for your business, all with a planned and custom marketing strategy.

Filming & Videography Services

Got post-production sorted but need someone to shoot? We’re more than happy to offer our shooting services to assist you with your project

Our 3 step video production process

Development and Video Strategy
Exploration & Development
This is where we explore the possibilities and learn more about your business and video ideas. If you have a video strategy ready to go, we will ask you to provide us with a brief, otherwise, we can help develop the ideas and a strategy with you. From here we will then send you a personalised quote or proposal to you.
Video Production and Editing
Production & Edit
From here we start pre-production, which is planning the execution, and logistics of your video production. We will then begin filming the project. Finally, we work on the edit and then meticulously polish the video by adding visual effects and motion graphics where required, tweaking colours, and mixing the audio.
Video Review and Delivery
Review & Delivery
Once we have a director’s cut assembled, we will send you a preview link to the video. From here you will have the opportunity to make changes and revisions so that you are fully happy with the final product. Once everything is approved, we’ll digitally deliver the completed video, in a format ready for use.

Your vision.
Our creation.

Get in touch today and see how we can bring your video ideas to life.

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Our Bendigo video production team's experience ensures a high quality and engaging video campaign for your business that focuses on growth and return.

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