5 reasons your videos are not seeing measurable results.

August 30th, 2021

Creating strong video content for your business is a great way to reach a variety of markets and engage your audience. Great video helps to show confidence in your brand and build trust with consumers, however, If executed poorly video can be an unprofitable investment, and it could potentially harm your brand.

Here are five common mistakes businesses make when creating video content:

1. Videos are not targeted.

Young woman showing old lady a video on her phone

No, your video shouldn’t be targeting ‘everyone’!

It’s vital to know who you are targeting when creating videos because one specific message won’t resonate effectively with different demographic groups. Identifying a target audience provides a clear focus of whom your video serves and why those consumers need your goods or services. This is one of the pivotal foundations needed for an effective video marketing strategy.

The more specific and targeted your video is, the better chance it will resonate with a particular audience or customer, ultimately leading to a more successful video while saving time and money along the way.

2. Not enough planning

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Unlike photography where you can get away with minimal preparation, videos need much more planning. The challenge lies in the fact that videos are more complex – and don’t just rely on a single visual element. Video content is made up of multiple elements: the script, voice-over, music, location selection, editing, and more.

Video production and planning is a process that requires time and effort no matter how professional you are or how much money you spend on it. It is vital to understand the importance of planning before starting your project – not only will planning save you money but give your video a much higher chance of success.

Planning starts with an effective video marketing strategy. It is a critical first step in the process as it defines what you want to achieve and helps drive your goals. It also provides a foundation for planning, budgeting, and the development of your video ideas.

3. There is no clear purpose or call to action.

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Successful video content should have a clear purpose as it will keep your video focused and it will give your audience something specific they can take away from watching. Focusing on a single message is key to ensuring your viewers remember your brand and act accordingly.

A call to action is also vital to direct your audience to what action they should take to engage with your business. It is the ultimate goal of your video content. A call to action could be as simple as asking a viewer to visit a web page, subscribe to a service, or contact you today.

4. Videos are too long.

dark-haired girl bored watching video on her computer

Video length can make or break your video. We often have clients that try to fit too much into a single video which leads to a video that often loses the attention of an audience before they watch to the end.

Video viewers are extremely impatient and if you don’t grab their attention in the first 10 seconds, they will lose interest and move on. The best way to keep them engaged is by keeping videos short and sweet with the most essential information relating directly to a solution for their problem or need.

Complex content is better received when in small chunks, that’s why it is often better to opt for a group of smaller digestible videos than a single long one.

5. Video production isn’t executed properly.

Example of poorly shot video, man in front of digital SLR camera

Investing in high-quality video production is just as important as investing in a great web developer, graphic designer, or photographer. Many business owners and marketers are making the mistake of choosing studios or video production houses based on prices alone. The most important consideration is to find someone who understands your business and can communicate effectively with your audience. Their team should be able to effectively deliver a strong message and compel them to take action.

Although it is important, video is more than just creating a pretty image – it is about telling your story in an engaging way. You want to be sure you have a video production team that can meet your needs and understand how to effectively use video as a marketing tool. The importance of professional videography goes beyond visual appeal. It is often what sets apart mediocre videos from excellent ones that generate business results. People posing at video production shoot at Central Deborah Goldmine in Bendigo

Here at Vid.co Media Group we know this all too well as we have a team of production experts who understand your needs and challenges, and what it takes to be able to effectively communicate with your target audience.

We offer our clients the latest in video equipment and technology along with skilled videographers that have extensive experience creating all types of videos for business needs. Get in touch today to book your free exploration call. We can’t wait to hear more about your business and how we can help achieve your goals.

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